About Mike & Jill Guindon

Because of what God has done in deeply rooting out and restoring things in our own lives, our PASSION for marriage and God’s purpose for marriage has been fueled by our daily need and our love for Jesus Christ FIRST and FOREMOST. Nothing else matters! We have learned that our truest relationship with Jesus Christ is revealed in how we relate to others—-starting at home within the marriage relationship.

Jill and I have both attended a very intense week at Larry Crabb’s School of Spiritual Direction to better understand and experience how the Holy Spirit works deep in our souls to spiritually transform us. Jill also attended “Next Steps” which is a follow up to SSD. SSD and Next Steps has brought a whole new meaning on what it means to be changed from the heart and knowing God is ALWAYS up to something.

Jill has also worked within the court system heading up the Victim Offender Mediation program at Kootenai County Juvenile Probation, working with victims of domestic violence and is currently on the Supreme Court list of Supervised Visitation Providers. Her special skills have been an amazing asset in our ministry together.

I (Mike) have been a Marriage Pastor and Community Pastor at RLM. Together with Jill we built a Marriage Mentor program, facilitated marriage classes, led half-day and full day marriage seminars outside the church, as well as written marriage articles for other marriage ministries (Growthtrac Marriage and Christian Marriage Today).

Our greatest qualification is how God works through us to impact marriages! He uses us in spite of ourselves!

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