Fail Proof Your Marriage

Mike Guindon Marriage

Is it really possible to fail proof your marriage?  Can anything this side of heaven truly be fail proof, especially a marriage where two sinners co-exist together and in many instances have sex and create little sinners?  With a house filled with sinners and Satan working overtime to destroy that family, how is it possible to have a marriage that is fail proof?

What if Jesus Christ was the most important relationship in a husband’s life? What if Jesus Christ was the most important relationship in his wife’s life? So, the bottom line is that there is nothing more important than seeking Him, loving Him, desiring to glorify Him, and being in total surrender to Him and His will.  Both husband and wife care about what He cares about and trust Him no matter what circumstances come their way.

It is a couple centered on a ‘better hope’ instead of a ‘better life’.  The better hope that God promises to those who trust in Him, is to be able to draw close to Him no matter what happens in our lives, and in so doing become more like Christ, which is the goal.

I say it is possible to fail proof your marriage by loving and seeking the One who loves you most.  There is a strength and power that enables a husband and a wife to do uncommon, extraordinary things when their hearts are aligned with His.  A husband can pray with his wife when she is not very inviting.  A wife can show respect to her husband when, by the world’s standards, he is not worthy of respect.  Anger can turn to grace, selfishness to selflessness, pride to humility, and resentment to forgiveness because the love of Jesus flows out of those that are in submission to Him and love Him above all else.

Since our first purpose in marriage is to please God, we are driven to consider this question first, “What will make God happy?”  If He is first and foremost in our lives, we will do anything not to disappoint Him.  We come to understand His design for marriage and that marriage according to God’s design is a perfect depiction of the Gospel.  As Gary Thomas states in Sacred Marriage, “What if God designed marriage to make you holy more than to make you happy?”