Love Your Kid(s)?, Prove It!

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I doubt if there is one parent out there that would not say that they would give up their life for their kid(s). Yes, we love our kids and we would do anything to protect them, or we think we would. From the time they are born we care for them, protect them, nurture them, and guide them. In many instances we overprotect them, give them more than is needed, and maybe spoil them to an extent.

But do we really love them?  Do we really, really love them? I believe we can only prove that in one way, by loving God and loving their Mom/Dad. I am so tired of people, who call themselves Christians, divorcing because they are unhappy or do not feel love for their spouse. On top of that, they often add that it is best for the children (yes, I hear you, there are some circumstances that are extreme, but that is not what I am talking about here). Please do not tell me you love God!  Loving God first and most gives you an ability to love others in an Extraordinary way. It enables you to visualize something much greater than yourself.  Loving God first and then your spouse is the true testament of your love for your kids. Nothing else takes its place, not providing a nice home to live in, buying them nice clothes, taking them on vacations to Disneyland, keeping them fed, making sure they are involved in sports with the latest and greatest equipment, doing whatever possible to make life work.

As parents we can be doing all the things the world thinks is great for our kids.  We might even be taking them to church and have them involved in youth activities at the church.  Those are wonderful things but mean very little if we as parents are not living out our Christianity. The most impactful and best way to do that is by loving God with everything we have. There is no greater opportunity than within the marriage relationship. Our marriages must reveal the truth about God. We must care about what God cares about and obey His directives.  He tells us how important marriage is to Him and He tells us how to do it.

So take some time and really ask yourself if you love your kid(s) with all your heart. The proof is found in your love of the Almighty God and then your spouse. Nothing comes before them, not even your children. That will be the true litmus test of your love for your children. Can you pass this TEST!

Pray Continually,

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