Our truest relationship with Jesus Christ is revealed in how we relate to others. Therefore, to the degree we see our own sin is the degree we love well. Based on how we see Jesus Christ and what he has done for us is how we go through life, living in repentant humility daily.


Our Beliefs

What is God’s true design (purpose) for marriage?

  • He designed it where it took three to make it good; God, Man, and Woman
  • He designed it where the starting place is genuine conversion and a daily walk with Him
  • Marriage must be a primary, permanent, exclusive and intimate relationship between one man and one woman
  • God made Adam out of dust. Why did He not make Eve out of dust? Was it to show Adam that his wife was a part of him, equal with him, not a lower creation?
  • Marriage must be a primary, permanent, exclusive, and intimate relationship (but always comes after the same with the Lord)
  • The first and most important purpose of God’s design is that it be a picture of the believer’s relationship with God. Marriage is to be an earthly picture of the spiritual relationship that exists between Christ, the bridegroom, and the church, His Bride
  • Husband and Wife are one flesh, one spirit with the Lord
Why is a powerful, vibrant, attractive Marriage Ministry vital to the health and growth of the church?

  • Secure, healthy, mission-minded families are central to the church fulfilling the great commission….to make disciples
  • The disciple making process that the church desires to do through followers of Christ are hindered by the struggles in couple’s marriages
  • By helping couples move beyond the struggles caused by sin to oneness in Christ, you produce two strong disciples, and they are better equipped to minister and make disciples of others
  • Healthy marriages are vital to church health. Strong marriages produce healthy families, church leaders, generous tithing and provide manpower for church outreach
  • The two greatest forces in evangelism are a healthy church and a healthy marriage. The two are interdependent. You cannot have one without the other
  • Considering all of the programs and activities a church can offer, Marriage Ministry provides the best return on investment for the congregation. Keeping marriages together and families intact provide stability for the congregation that cannot be replicated
  • Provide a foundation for marriages where the vision is established upon salvation in Christ to build a biblical vision of marriage beyond the behavioral changes. Christ must be the center of both husband and wife if they are to grow in a Christ-centered vision
  • Help husbands and wives build on the biblical truth that God designed each of us with five purposes in mind: worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and missions
  • Share the ultimate purpose of marriage which is to reflect and tell the truth about God, whose image we bear and getting couples to realize that God placed them together for His purposes. Once that is understood marriage takes on a new meaning
Ministry Foundation

1. Biblical Knowledge (Truths we need to know) What is the authority from which we speak? As a mentor (Disciple Maker) our foundation must be God’s inerrant Word!

2. Christlike Character (People we need to be) Since we cannot take another beyond where we are ourselves, it is crucial that we first internalize and live out biblical truths in our own lives in dependence on God’s Spirit, not merely just know them. (James 1:22). Only then are we able to grow in Christ-like character and be able to model a Spirit-Controlled, Christ-centered life and marriage that we desire those we are discipling to enjoy.

3. Ministry Skills (Things we need to do) A biblical approach to mentoring that equips mentors to help others grow in Christ and reflect His loving character in their lives and marriages. Understanding the only lasting cure or “fix” for a believers soul is heaven, there are some very significant things that the Spirit of God can do in and through us right now as His instruments for helping other believers in their lives and marriages.

What We Offer

“Fail Proof Your Marriage……REALLY?”

This Friday Evening/Saturday Marriage Seminar will take you right to the heart of what truly makes a marriage “Fail Proof!” You and your spouse will come away with a greater understanding of God’s true design and purpose for marriage, the responsibility that comes with a Godly marriage, how to thrive during difficult times, learning extraordinary prayer and discerning deeper issues of the heart.

We offer expertise on how to establish and develop a Marriage Mentor program within the church, recognizing and recruiting potential mentors and how to train and equip them to mentor God’s way. We will train key leaders to train utilizing three main themes: Biblical Knowledge (Truths we need to know), Christlike Character (People we need to be), and Ministry Skills (Things we need to do). This is about couples coming along side another couple, for a length of time, to mentor them during times of crisis, Pre-Marriage/Re- Marriage, or to strengthen their marriage to be more glorifying to God.
A two day intensive process getting to the deeper issues of the heart and uncovering your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We will focus on getting to the “Heart-To” in order to get to the “How-To.” We will give you a practical view on what it looks like to put Jesus on display in your marriage.
We will look at what it practically looks like to put Jesus on display in your marriage. We will include a one on one with husbands meeting with Mike and wives with Jill. Plan on a surprise, fun-filled date night! You will gain the key to understanding a “Fail Proof” your marriage, but it will be up to you to put the key in the right door!!

Local residents will be mentored over a 6-8 week period.

Contact us for more detailed information and pricing

Mission Statement

Our ministry is committed, not to “Fix” marriages, but rather centered on bringing couples to the “Foot of the Cross.”  Understanding God’s design and purpose for marriage a husband and wife will desire to seek first His righteousness (Matthew 6:33) and yearn for His will above their own.  Marriage is a tremendous opportunity, responsibility, and honor.

We believe God’s church is only as healthy as the marriages within the church. We are committed to doing all we can, through the power of Jesus Christ, to help couples see and understand how important their marriage is to God and the great commission.

We believe marriage is so important to God that it must be looked upon as a major, vital ministry within the church. We believe Satan spends more time seeking to destroy marriages and families than anything else. We must understand the necessity of prayer and putting on the full armor of God every day.

We desire God’s church to be strong, healthy and a true picture of our Mighty God. To do that we must protect and strengthen a union that is so sacred to our Lord, the union of marriage.


Because of what God has done in deeply rooting out and restoring things in our own lives, our PASSION for marriage and God’s purpose for marriage has been fueled by our daily need and our love for Jesus Christ FIRST and FOREMOST. Nothing else matters! We have learned that our truest relationship with Jesus Christ is revealed in how we relate to others----starting at home within the marriage relationship.